Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday 11th April

OMG Easter has been and gone, too quickly in my opinion, and with not enough chocolate I only received two eggs which is pretty poor considering everyone who knows me knows I am a chocolate comment needed.

Adam returned from Brussels with chocolate presents for us girls, where mine were devoured in about 5 minutes and Angie still has hers left can you believe it????

Karen's luxury holiday to the Maldives is approaching, (our Office Manager) she's off next Friday!!!!  We are extremely jealous, especially since the weather seems to have turned for the worse over here.

Word of the day courtesy of Susan (she's on form ) Equilibrium; 'The equilibrium of the office has returned since Adam has come back from holiday.'

Also I was a hero for the day calling the emergency services, 999 for an accident that occurred outside the office, thankfully it wasn't anything serious but I do think I deserve a Blue Peter's badge; who remembers them???

We would also like to welcome Ella (daughter of Rivi, sister of Adam) who has come over to help Sally out on the promotions, but she has also been a bit of a SKIVVY (poor thing) to Adam doing odd jobs that he basically doesn't won't (have time) to do.

Concentrating very hard at cutting paper???!!
Thanks for your help Ella! x

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