Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday 29th March

The three amigos in today, Karen, Susan and me, opps and not forgetting Adam but he's a boy so doesn't count!

How hot is it, well not very as I am still sitting in the office in a cardi whilst the others are sweating it out and arguing with me about having the fan on.  I think it's the Antarctic in me, I obviously got so cold when I was there and never adjusted, either that or I'm cold blooded which I don't like the sound of too much!

Anyway, moving on..........Paul Ghattack's pupils Nick Kempton and William Evans have passed their manual test - yippee!  Well done to both and happy driving, just in time for the summer.

On another note, not driving related topic we have decided to have a word of the day, yesterday's from Susan and an excellent one - oscillating.  Today's is lurgy and is in honour of Adam, our manager as he didn't know what it meant but then he is half foreign so we forgave him.

Please forward any words you think are worthy of 'word of the day' and we will post.

Well, that's about it folks, after eating 500 odd calories in the form of white chocolate buttons I am off home to have a Pimms (p.s not driving).

Have a wonderful, sunshine filled weekend! Walkers x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Good evening everyone!

Just a quickie to mention our up and coming promotions this coming weekend, we are kicking tomorrow off at Dartford, then at Woolwich Calderwood Street both Saturday and Sunday.  I fyou have any questions, or would like to book something go and speak to our lovely Sally and she will be able to help/advise you.

At present we are offering 5 daytime (M-F, 9-5), mauanl lessons for £80, automatic is available at £90.

If you cannot do during the day, evening and weekend lessons are available for £100 for 5.

There are also some great block bookings and intensive courses available, for more information please visit our website at or alternatively call us on 0208 466 6699.

Thanks have a good evening!

Monday 19th March 2012

Happy Monday everyone (even though it's nearly over)!

How annoying is it when the weekend's weather has been rubbish and then Monday when we are all due back at work, sitting in our offices, tap, tapping away at the computer it's lovely and sunny outside!!!

Well news from the office; Adam is back from his holiday visiting family in Israel with a nice, natural shade of tan.  Millie is off to see the west End show Mamma Mia, Karen if off tomorrow so just me and Angie left.

I have taken up my New Year's resolution to get fit, again after failing miserably first time round (I wasn't very well in January though) and you can't exercise if you're not 100%, can you?????? 

Moving on we still have a car for sale that is an ideal first car, good little runner for someone whose just passed their test; £4,500.

Please call 0208 466 6699 for more details.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Wednesday 14th March!

Ok so what has everyone been up to.  Well being that it's nearly that horrible time of year creeping up (end of the finance year - yuk!) Karen and I have been trying to help Rivi get everything in some kind of order to submit to the accountant, I do not envy their job.  It is proving to be harder than we first thought!  Oh well, we will endeavour to get through it all I'm sure, especially if we have chocolate to keep us going.........(although the downside is that we will probably a stone heavier!).

Congratulations to Yvonne Dillion's pupil Gail Walton for passing her manual test - yipee!  God our pupils are passing with flynig colours at the moment, there's no stopping our instructors.

Keep up the good work everyone!


Monday, 12 March 2012

Afternoon Everybody!

How nice is it having sunshine on a Monday when we have to start back at work!  Even nicer when all the girls are in the office, I think ice-cream weather is nearly upon us but not just yet as Millie as given all things(!)up for lent.  Let us know what you've given up for lent, and how you're doing?

I have given nothing up and have a box of dairy Milk sitting in the boot of my car desperate to be opened but am waiting to share with the girls'

So, today we need to SAY congratulations to Nikhil's pupil Joe Elay for passing his manual driving test!!!  Well done you!  Don't forget we still have our two lovely vehicles for sale (see below) at amazing prices, quick before they go........
Or a classic red Nissan Micra priced @ £4,500! 

Lovely First Car, Toyota Yaris @ only £3,900!

We also have a current vacancy in our promotions department, so if you are a friendly, outgoing person with a full, clean licence please get in touch.

Like us on facebook here; Walkers School of Motoring

Happy driving - Walkers!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Wednesday 29th Leap Year

Yay Leap Year, any of you women out there proposed to your men????  Let us know what you did and how it went???

Congratulations to Candy Marshall, Neil Verma's automatic pupil has she has passed her driving test a congratulations pack will be on its way to you very shortly!

Linking on nicely from passed tests are cars for sale, below are a couple of cars we have for sale.  If you , or anybody you know is interested please call me on 0208 466 6699 - Bec.

Toyota Yaris, manual £3,900

Manual Micra, £4,500