Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday 29th March

The three amigos in today, Karen, Susan and me, opps and not forgetting Adam but he's a boy so doesn't count!

How hot is it, well not very as I am still sitting in the office in a cardi whilst the others are sweating it out and arguing with me about having the fan on.  I think it's the Antarctic in me, I obviously got so cold when I was there and never adjusted, either that or I'm cold blooded which I don't like the sound of too much!

Anyway, moving on..........Paul Ghattack's pupils Nick Kempton and William Evans have passed their manual test - yippee!  Well done to both and happy driving, just in time for the summer.

On another note, not driving related topic we have decided to have a word of the day, yesterday's from Susan and an excellent one - oscillating.  Today's is lurgy and is in honour of Adam, our manager as he didn't know what it meant but then he is half foreign so we forgave him.

Please forward any words you think are worthy of 'word of the day' and we will post.

Well, that's about it folks, after eating 500 odd calories in the form of white chocolate buttons I am off home to have a Pimms (p.s not driving).

Have a wonderful, sunshine filled weekend! Walkers x

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