Wednesday, 14 November 2012

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight!

So my last ever blog for Walkers (sigh, thank goodness, at last, yippee, I hear you say!!).
As I say 'goodbye', Leigh, my replacement says 'hello'.  She will be working 4/5 days a week as receptionist, taking phone calls, bookings, queries, and harassing all you instructors' for diary updates and sending you all other general annoying texts/voice mail messages.  Thank you for my well wishes, cards and bits, and for being nice people to have worked with.  It makes a big difference.  And to my lovely girls' and the Walkers family for the presents; lots chocolates, processco, my scarf, flowers and vouchers.

A special thanks goes out to Kim and Jim for my years supply of cheese, bread and Marmite to make my toasted sarnies.  I will NOT go without.

Friday 9th Sally and Max were promoting Walkers driving lessons in Deptford and then on Saturday they were in Sutton, so if you were around you may have seen them?  They were also in Orpington Tuesday just gone; 13th.  And will be in Lewisham on Friday, 16th and Jamie and Sally will be in Bromley Saturday, 17th
Xmas is creeping up and was only 6 weeks away on Tuesday this week?!  Karen has worked out to get all her Christmas shopping completed on time she needs to purchase an average of 9 presents per week, I do not envy her.  Remember Walkers have gift vouchers available for purchase which would be a fantastic gift idea for anybody who hasn't passed their driving test yet.  The driving lesson gift vouchers are available for both manual and automatic and evening and weekend or daytime and as blocks or individual lessons.
I have arranged a month of Walkers driving lesson promotions for December.  These begin Monday 3rd in Bexleyheath for four days, then moving to Woolwich until Sunday 9th of December.  From Monday 10th December Walkers will be in Centrale Croydon, inside the mall by the escalators/lifts catching all the passer bys.  Lewisham is Walkers last stop before Christmas and the promotion will be there from Monday 17th up until and including, Christmas Eve.

Promotional offers still running;
5 manual daytime driving lessons are available from £80, automatic from £90 and evening and weekends £100 *T&Cs apply.
10 daytime driving lessons are priced at £180 and evening and weekend are £205 *T&Cs apply.
10 daytime lessons priced at £185 (evening and weekend £210) and includes a free DVD and Highway Code theory book
5 manual daytime lessons for £85 and includes a free DVD and Highway Code theory book.  According to the O2 website 22 of these offers have been redeemed so it's proving quite a popular moment, but they are only valid to O2 customers.  *T&Cs apply.

Congratulations to the following pupils for passing their driving tests and to their wonderful Walkers driving instructors for teaching them.......
  • Jake Wingrave with Andrew Tamang
  • Luke Clarke with David Dunn
  • Olu Obodade and Talibah Lawla with Jane Kandemir
  • Kemarie Walker with Paul Ghattak
  • Jessica Spiteri, Jade Shellen and David Somerset all Lucy Porter's pupils
  • Sabrina Robinson and Dammy Sakar with Martin Morris
Also on another note we had a lovely message from a Marcia Robinson who passed her automatic driving test with Steven Hewitt and she had this to say;

"Good Morning I wanted to share my experience with Walkers Driving School. Thanks so much for introducing me to Steven, he was fantastic. So fantastic I passed First Time. He was calm and patient with me which is exactly what I needed. Again thanks so much Walkers, I am proud to be a Pink Holder now xxxx."

Thank you and goodbye.......................................

Friday, 2 November 2012

1st November 2012....OMG!


Pinch an a punch to the first of the month no returns back (for yesterday)!  Seriously, 2nd of November 2012, where has the year gone?????  It is very true that the older you get the quicker times flies.

Firstly we would like to welcome our new driving instructors Dave Smith and Gary Plows to Walkers School of Motoring who are offering manual and automatic driving lessons, respectively.  And farewell and good luck to Chris Wills who has left for pastures new!

Last week was busy with promotions; Sally and Jamie were in Dartford on Sunday, Max was leafleting by Finchley tube station on Tuesday then Sally was back in Dartford on Thursday to test the market talking and advising on driving lessons (decide which one is best for future promotions).  Max and Sally are in Lewisham today and Sally and Jamie in Bromley tomorrow.

We have signed up to the O2 Priority Moments which allows O2 customers to see special discounts that Walkers offer.  Currently we are offering their customers the first five, manual, daytime lessons for £85 but this includes a free DVD and highway code book.

The Web Offer, this is still on-going and available to all new pupils that quote 'web offer' and provides the first 10 daytime driving lessons on either manual or automatic for £185 which includes a free DVD and highway code book.
P.S These offers are only valid to new customers to Walkers.

The weekend saw the official end to the British Summertime with the clocks going back an hour on Sunday morning, lovely.  I personally think we make this a regular thing and have the clocks go back an hour every month.

Because of the cold Winter weather we have decided we need to fatten up, here in the office, and for that reason we now no longer feel bad about eating the if you have any unwanted 'goodies' please feel free to drop them in to us; Walkers School of Motoring, Bromley!

Adam has been particularly busy this week doing a bit o' DIY, well more like trying to do some DIY.  Here is a picture of the pigeon holes Adam put up please note the line underneath (very faint) which is not STRAIGHT but was how the boxes were previously attached to the wall, and the numerous holes that were drilled into the wall!  Have you even heard of a level???  Obviously you have heard of a drill and that's the tool you most enjoyed!
Anyway further to this incident Adam decided to work on a project that he has long been desiring to do.......the 'key board'!

This is a board that holds various spare keys for us and was looking a little unkempt/unloved and generally a little bit messy, so Adam decided he would tidy things up a little.  A little TLC, although in a couple of these pictures I wouldn't quite describe it like that, anyway you decide!

But......ta dah!  Finito!  And very nice too!  Although there is a confession in there, in that our regular builders by trade (so, professionals) Kim and Jim helped, and by that I mean talked Adam through the stages for creating, said board, and hanging correctly.

Kim and Jim are offering general maintenance lessons at a cost; please ring the office number for more information and a quotation.  They are also looking at taking on an apprentice; please fwd your CV to the office email address for consideration for this role.

Last but by no means least, congratulations to the following pupils for passing their driving tests;
  • Oliver Bass and Geoff
  • Olalekan Afere, Matthew Taiwo, Amita Sharma with Maria
  • Wayne Allen, Shelly Gibson with Martin
  • Stephan Danes with Neil
  • Alex Gusev and Nikhil
  • Jensy Anton, Helio Matos, Cherish Etete and Hannah Goodman with Paul
  • Paris Banks with Yvonne
One last word; be safe driving in the dark winter months.......always check you have your lights on before driving off anywhere!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

October 2012

Welcome to Autumn people, it looks as though we are having a delayed Summer which would be very nice in deed.

Angie's been bin nicking, she took the barber's bin instead of the Walkers one the other day and he had to come and ask for it back!!!

Karen and I thought Albatross' were extinct!

Susan gave us a history lesson....did you know the last women ever to have been hung was...Ruth Ellis in 1955 for shooting her lover.   Well, if you didn't, now you do!

I've been eating toasted sarnies from a very cool little bag that you pop in the toaster (courtesy of Angie from Lakeland - thank you!).

Richard - thank you for the A-Mazing chocolates, all boxes have been devoured, long ago.

Welcome to our new driving instructors' Michael Hannon, Gary Plows and Dave Smith who have recently joined/will be joining the Walkers group. 
Also we'd like to say thank you and goodbye to Matt Paton our automatic instructor who is heading off to do different things!

Promotions = we were in Croydon Centrale the other week, and Dartford, Lewisham and Bromley.  We will also be in Brixton and Sutton coming up.

There are a couple of extra promotions that we are running so to keep you all in the loop they are as follows;
Web Offer - this is available to new students only that quote it from our advertised web page.  It allows the students to purchase a block of 10 daytime lessons at a cost of £185 with a free DVD and highway code book (the £5 basically cover the postage and package).

O2 Priority Moments - a block of five daytime lessons are available with free DVD and highway code at £85 (again the £5 basically covers the postage and package).

Mini Intensive - This is three double lessons offered over consecutive days.

Kim the builder is already getting ready for Halloween and has kitted out Adam's office in preparation........ who is who do you think???  Answers on a postcode!

Anyway that's all folks!  Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, 31 August 2012

Last day of August!

Well helllllllooooooo people, sorry for the long silence it's been holiday time here in the Walkers office....and being that the weather is sooooo awful here people are seeking their sun worshipping elsewhere it seems.

Adam sneaked off to Israel for a year (only joking, he went home for a couple of weeks to catch the rays (apparently it was exceptionally hot over there)).  He is now back in the office minus his hair but has gained a tan, which we're all very jealous of and he seems to have also gained a few pounds (he's gonna kill me for saying that but I can, because he called me fat the other day!) ha, ha. 

Millie is currently down in Devon hopefully with some nice weather.  Maybe she'll catch some surf whilst she's down there???!!!

Susan's been to Greece sunning it up and returned a completely different person (I think she's been repossessed), very brown and insisting on wearing sundresses to make the most of the summer, even though it's been bucketing it loads.

Karen is looking forward to going to France for a long weekend and been trying to polish up on her French, so if you phone enquiring about driving lessons and get Karen try your French out?!  Bonjour!

Angie has been busy organising her garden and celebrating her birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!  She went 'up town' with friends, shopping, drinking, eating and generally having a good time.

I went to the V festival where we had a heat wave, not that I'm complaining as it could have been raining and that would have been ten times worse.

So that's enough of everyone's social life now back to business.......

First off congratulations to our driving instructor Matt P and his pupil Ashani G for winning the 'Passed Pupils' competition.  They both received a £50 Bluewater voucher and Ashani receives a double motorway driving lesson - good luck, and no racing young lady!!

Adam received a nice little complementary gift from Nissan for a week in the shape of a Nissan 370z, obviously it has to be returned but very nice to trial, he even let me have a go!!!!

As at the moment we are running a wonderful web offer, if you click on the link below which will take you directly to the Walkers homepage you will be able to see the full terms and conditions of this offer.

The Walkers driving lesson promotion team are also going to be back out enforce come September, however this weekend they are in Deptford on Friday and Bromley on Saturday, so if you happen to be around and have a few questions, queries about learning to drive, driving theory test, driving practical test of anything else learning to drive related please pop over and see Sally, Max and/or Jamie who will be able to answer these.

Click our link here to go directly to our website.....

That's all for the moment - enjoy the weekend!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday 16th July - Birthdays!

Hello people, and welcome back to this very exciting blog! 

Why is it exciting I hear you say well, it was my birthday last Thursday ....(YAY!), I was 21!!!!!  Which means the birthday celebrations have been going on for about a week an a half so far and have been far too spoilt but they do only happening once a year!  So if you are passing the Walkers School of Motoring office at some point, and wish to discuss driving lessons pop in and there will be some sweets and cakes (not that this is any different to any other day as I normally have some form of goodies in my draw).

This is the lovely cake that Millie very kindly purchased for me, yum!!!

Our wonderful promotions team (Sally/Max and now the lovely Jamie) have been very busy, 'talking the talk, walking the walk' in Lewisham and Bluewater which was a first for Walkers but apparently it went down a storm.  So much so that Adam went along and partook in some selling?!  I think what more likely happened was that Rivi asked him to pick a few things up from the shops (we all know she's slightly addicted to shopping!). 

This week we have more promotions happening and hopefully the weather will pick up and give a little sunshine!  Tomorrow, Tuesday 17th Sally et el will be at Orpington talking and distributing information on driving lessons so if you have any questions please go along and 'hit' them with any driving lesson queries you may have.  Also you can see our lovely new stand............

On the driving school front we have had a fantastic testimonial from one of our pupils; Michael R about our instructor David D, 

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently had David D as my driving instructor and would like to recommend the high level of professionalism and reliability of his lessons. His consistency and methodical approach to driving is one which is hard to find amongst other instructors, and makes the whole learning process that bit more enjoyable.

Michael R"

Well as you are probably all aware the Olympics are fast approaching so the roads and driving is going to be a nightmare, hopefully this wont affect Walkers and our instructors too much, however, if any of our driving instructors are a little late please bare with us they are more than likely stuck in the traffic!!
Karen has been lucky enough to get a couple of Rehearsal tickets so I will update you of the events she saw next week.

Susan has had enough of this diabolical weather and has flown the nest to Greece - enjoy!

If you are a pupil of either Peter or Lee who have recently departed us please call the office and we will be
able to re-arrange another wonderful driving instructor for you.

Anyway I am off to see Madonna tomorrow, fingers crossed there's no rain!

Safe driving...Walkers!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Friday 29th June

Hello and welcome to Walkers SOM.

Well what's been happening; apart from having a non-existing summer which is fairly depressing in it's self and coupled with the fact that the day's are getting shorter again, we've not much to be excited about, expecially as we're also out of the football!  Oh well I suppose we have the tennis at least; come on Murray!  Our Angie is at Wimbeldon today and tomorrow, lucky lady managed to get tickets for two days, hopefully she will bring the players some luck too!

Other things that have been happening in the office recently; I went to Ascot, ladies day I hear you say, alas no, just normal!  But was very lucky in regards to the weather even though I didn't win a thing and didn't have to talk about driving lessons, plus I saw the Queen! 

Millie is off to Legoland on Monday - she's taking her grandchildren (I think she secretly wants to go on all the rides!).
Karen - Has been out and about up town watching The Sunshine Boys she has some secret emails where she gets free tickets to everything and anything, very jealous. 
Adam has been attending various weddings all over the world but is now safely back at home, where he belongs at

Martin Walker is over from  Israel heading up our driving lesson promotions in the wonderful Whitgift centre along with our regular Sally.  We would also like to welcome our new found memeber to the team Max, and hopefully another new recruit...Jamie.  They will be Croydon Centrale for the whole of this week, so if you are passing and see a Walkers sign stop and say 'hi', or i fyou have any questions regarding your theory test, practical test, driving lessons or just driving in general they will be more than willing to help.  They love a little chat! 

In regards to our driving instructors we would like to welcome Tony F who is teaching manual, the lovely Richard (who has somehow got away with having his 'mugshot' taken) and Mason will both be offering their services to the automatic leaner driving community.


 Don't forget we offer Pass Plus lessons and Motorway driving lessons so if this is something you would like to know more about please call us on the office number and one of us will be more than happy to go through the options avaiable - 0208 466 6699.

Congratulations to David D's pupil the lovely Lana who passed her manual driving test, and Ian C's pupil's Joyce and Danielle!!!

Any way good weekend to all!

P.S we are still offering our fabulously priced first five lessons on manual for £80 and automatic priced at £90.

Friday, 15 June 2012

15th June 2012

Well hello strangers, I haven't written for ages - apologies for that!

Hope this blog finds you all in the best of health and not full of cold, chest infecctions from the diabolical change in weather we've had!

So since we last talked we need to say congratulations and farewell to several of our pupils as they have passed their test due to our brillaint driving instructors who taught them well; Martin, Jane, Maria, Ian, James, Lucy, Andrew and Paul.
  • Muctarr Adams
  • Jermaine Deridges
  • Sam Rodder
  • Darrenraj Useree
  • Victor Ellmann
  • Tara Oralnon
  • Olivia Adjei-Barko
  • Shauna Fielding
  • Carly Metcalf
  • Malcolm Beedee
Happy and safe driving to you all, if are interested in Passed Plus or Motorway Lessons please don't hesitate to contact us on 0208 466 66 88 and one of us lovely receiptionists' will be able to help you.

Driving topics of discussion this week have been what bad driving habits we have gained since passing our test, the most common being crossing your hands when turning the wheel.
The other topic was; when parrell parking can you do both ways, or are you like me and can only do when I am furthest away from the curb??!!  Let us know what your bad habits are, what manouevre do you find hardest?

This week our promotional staff; Sally and Max, have been hard at it in the wind, rain and sun speaking to you all about driving lessons and hopefully been able to answer some of your questions/queries in regards to driving.  They were in Bexleyheath Thursday, Woolwich today and you can catch them tomorrow in Catford.

Hope you all have a wonderfull weekend, fingers crossed that the weather cheers up; remeber if you're a football fan England are planning tonight!
Walkers Receptionist.