Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday 27th April

Afternoon All,

So hopefully you haven't drowned during the torrential downpour we have been having recently???!!  Looks as though it has cheered up a bit this afternoon, fingers crossed it stays for the weekend.

Right, well lets fill you in in what's been happening in the Walkers office.......Karen our office manager has jetted off to the Maldives (very nice and we are not at all jealous being stuck in the office/reality!) for her XX birthday (this information cannot be disclosed publicly for fear of in big trouble on her return).  Apparently they are sipping champagne and eating lobster on a secluded beach, who wants to be doing that???

In Karen's absence Rivi has "jetted" over from Israel to help out/cause mayhem (but on the plus side she has bought gifts and rocky road chocolate bites from M&S). 

Congratulations to the following pupils for passing their practical tests;

Aaron Rankin
April Bevington
Miranda Bristow

We are going to run a competition next month for passed pupils so watch this space to find out more details.....

There are also an additional couple of cars for sale;

Nissan Micras - I will upload details next week.....

Happy weekend x

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