Friday, 31 August 2012

Last day of August!

Well helllllllooooooo people, sorry for the long silence it's been holiday time here in the Walkers office....and being that the weather is sooooo awful here people are seeking their sun worshipping elsewhere it seems.

Adam sneaked off to Israel for a year (only joking, he went home for a couple of weeks to catch the rays (apparently it was exceptionally hot over there)).  He is now back in the office minus his hair but has gained a tan, which we're all very jealous of and he seems to have also gained a few pounds (he's gonna kill me for saying that but I can, because he called me fat the other day!) ha, ha. 

Millie is currently down in Devon hopefully with some nice weather.  Maybe she'll catch some surf whilst she's down there???!!!

Susan's been to Greece sunning it up and returned a completely different person (I think she's been repossessed), very brown and insisting on wearing sundresses to make the most of the summer, even though it's been bucketing it loads.

Karen is looking forward to going to France for a long weekend and been trying to polish up on her French, so if you phone enquiring about driving lessons and get Karen try your French out?!  Bonjour!

Angie has been busy organising her garden and celebrating her birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!  She went 'up town' with friends, shopping, drinking, eating and generally having a good time.

I went to the V festival where we had a heat wave, not that I'm complaining as it could have been raining and that would have been ten times worse.

So that's enough of everyone's social life now back to business.......

First off congratulations to our driving instructor Matt P and his pupil Ashani G for winning the 'Passed Pupils' competition.  They both received a £50 Bluewater voucher and Ashani receives a double motorway driving lesson - good luck, and no racing young lady!!

Adam received a nice little complementary gift from Nissan for a week in the shape of a Nissan 370z, obviously it has to be returned but very nice to trial, he even let me have a go!!!!

As at the moment we are running a wonderful web offer, if you click on the link below which will take you directly to the Walkers homepage you will be able to see the full terms and conditions of this offer.

The Walkers driving lesson promotion team are also going to be back out enforce come September, however this weekend they are in Deptford on Friday and Bromley on Saturday, so if you happen to be around and have a few questions, queries about learning to drive, driving theory test, driving practical test of anything else learning to drive related please pop over and see Sally, Max and/or Jamie who will be able to answer these.

Click our link here to go directly to our website.....

That's all for the moment - enjoy the weekend!