Monday, 27 February 2012

Helloooooo Summer!!!  Yay, hopefully this means that Winter is behind us and Summer's on it's way!

So last Thursday in the office we were unusually hot, nearing ice-cream weather I think. 

Karen was on the early shift and Susan and I both joined her later in the day.  Today as mainly been organising our filing system, super exciting I hear you say.  I don't know how we managed to contain ourselves.
But we were  helped along the way with an amusing practical joke phone call played on Adam by one of our maintenance chaps.  Very funny, however Adam clocked him straight away (probably not helped by the fact that Karen and I were cracking up in the office).  Watch out Kim.......

For any of you new drivers out there that have recently passed your test but haven't got a car just yet we have three for sale......

Nissan Micra Automatic 05 (see below)

Nissan Micra Manual 09

Toyota Yaris 07

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wednesday 22/02/2012

Hello all,

We would like to welcome you to 'Walkers School of Motoring' Blog page where we will be keeping you posted on promotions, pupils passed and other such goings on.

Firstly I would like to introduce the Team;

Adam - General Manager

Karen - Office Manager (In turquoise cardi)

Angie (by the radiator), Beccy (in black top with my back to the camer), Millie (with glasses) and Susan (not pictured) - Reception

Ally, James and Sally - promotions staff

So a big hello from us! :)

Hope everyone is doing well after Pancake Day the other day??  How many did you eat and what did you have on them??

Us here at Walkers kept with tradition and ate ours with Lemon and Sugar.

Congratulations to James Strange's pupils Edwin Trinidad and Peggy Bamba who have passed their tests!!Welcome to The Smiley Guide!