Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday 31st May

Afternoon all,

Welcome to our Summer time, it's finally arrived and it's gorgeous so it's been worth the wait - opps sorry I spoke too soon it seems to have left us and been replaced with dark clouds and heavy rain!!!

So several hot topics of discussion this week;

1) My Fat Fetish; any one watch this???  Quite an eye opener we all thought, would you really let yourself get like that and become immobile??

2) Secret Eaters; fascinating how some people dont know why they are putting weight on/not losing any because they think they're not eating anything???  The cameras don't lie, they are eating chocolate bars, burgers, kebabs, drinking wine and beer (calorific drinks) and no exercise???  Really!

3) Red roses; these were received in the office today if anyone has any news who they are from please let us know, very exciting!

4) James' pupil Justyna Szabwoska has passed her test today - congratulations!

5) Video; Please check out the fabulous link below, compiled by Adam Walker himself (only took a week!).

6) Jubliee Celebrations; what's everyone doing, where they going, who they're seeing.....what are you up to, let us know?!  Hopefully the weather will get better and it'll BBQs ago, go!

7) Promotions; Pop along to see our lovely promotions people, Sally and Max in Bromley tomorrow and Max and Jay in Bexleyheath on Saturday to enquiry about driving lessons.

8) Car for sale; ideal little first time runner registered 2010, Nissan Micra, Latte coloured @ £3,900

Ring 0208 466 6699 for more details.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Tuesday 14th May 2012!

So Happy returns from the weekend, oh and what a lovely weekend it was what with the sun out shinning nearly the whole time!!!
And as per usual with the English weather it hasn't lasted more that a couple of days and it's such a same as the Queen, yes you read right, the Queen is visiting Bromley tomorrow Tuesday 15th May 2012.

Well if she had of been passing the office todya she would have been extremely jealous as look at the doughnuts we have been given today - AMAZING!!!!  Thanks Steve!

Well, to be honest not much has happened today, apart from us stufing our faces (actually I should say that Millie hasn't as she can't eat these goodies as she's wheat intolerant, oh shame - more for us then!).

I have been beavering away booking promotions and ensuring that all paperwork is up to date.

Speak soon!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tuesday 2nd May 2012

Happy Wednesday peeps!!

So the cars we have for sale now are as follows;

1 - Nissan Micra, 2010 registered, 1.3cc excellent little runner, ideal first car and priced at £4,050

2 - Nissan Micra, 2009 registered, 1.3cc excellent little runner, ideal first car and priced at £3,500

If you are interested in the above or wish to know more information please call the number; 0208 466 6699.

So what's been happening in the wonderful world of Walkers this week so far...........

Well Karen is still away on holiday, she picked a good time to go as the weather's been rubbish and seems as though it'll continue to be like this for a while.  Martin Walker joined us on Monday evening and was picked up by his lovely wife Rivi who braved the torrential rain/hail stones at silly o'clock - that's love for you!
He has come over to help with promotions; yesterday and today he was in Bromley (so if you see him go for a chat or have a wave) distributing leaflets and giving out information/tips and hints for driving.

Tomorrow, Friday he will be in Edmonton Green, on the concourse by Lidl accompanied with Sally, so any questions you have in regards to driving/theory/practical tests go long and ask them.

In the aim of trying to increase bookings and generating new pupils for everyone we have decided to run a competition with prizes for both instructors and pupils.  It is open to all pupils who pass their test:
Between 01/05/2012 – 31/07/2012




So; to qualify for the competition your passed pupil will need to have their picture taken with their certificate next to your Walkers instructing car and then post the picture on the Walkers Facebook page with their full name and number of minors.

The competition is running from May 1st until July 31st and all pupils that participate will be entered into the draw, with the draw taking place on 1st August.

Instructors can enter as many pupils as they like, so the more passes you get the more chance of winning the prize.
Here's a couple of the first passed pupils; Warren Joseph, Nikhil's pupil passed on Tuesday and Denis's pupil Monique Dawson passed today; CONGRATULATIONS, get posting your certificate!!

I think that's all for the time being but watch this space for more info..........