Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Monday 19th March 2012

Happy Monday everyone (even though it's nearly over)!

How annoying is it when the weekend's weather has been rubbish and then Monday when we are all due back at work, sitting in our offices, tap, tapping away at the computer it's lovely and sunny outside!!!

Well news from the office; Adam is back from his holiday visiting family in Israel with a nice, natural shade of tan.  Millie is off to see the west End show Mamma Mia, Karen if off tomorrow so just me and Angie left.

I have taken up my New Year's resolution to get fit, again after failing miserably first time round (I wasn't very well in January though) and you can't exercise if you're not 100%, can you?????? 

Moving on we still have a car for sale that is an ideal first car, good little runner for someone whose just passed their test; £4,500.

Please call 0208 466 6699 for more details.

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