Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday 16th July - Birthdays!

Hello people, and welcome back to this very exciting blog! 

Why is it exciting I hear you say well, it was my birthday last Thursday ....(YAY!), I was 21!!!!!  Which means the birthday celebrations have been going on for about a week an a half so far and have been far too spoilt but they do only happening once a year!  So if you are passing the Walkers School of Motoring office at some point, and wish to discuss driving lessons pop in and there will be some sweets and cakes (not that this is any different to any other day as I normally have some form of goodies in my draw).

This is the lovely cake that Millie very kindly purchased for me, yum!!!

Our wonderful promotions team (Sally/Max and now the lovely Jamie) have been very busy, 'talking the talk, walking the walk' in Lewisham and Bluewater which was a first for Walkers but apparently it went down a storm.  So much so that Adam went along and partook in some selling?!  I think what more likely happened was that Rivi asked him to pick a few things up from the shops (we all know she's slightly addicted to shopping!). 

This week we have more promotions happening and hopefully the weather will pick up and give a little sunshine!  Tomorrow, Tuesday 17th Sally et el will be at Orpington talking and distributing information on driving lessons so if you have any questions please go along and 'hit' them with any driving lesson queries you may have.  Also you can see our lovely new stand............

On the driving school front we have had a fantastic testimonial from one of our pupils; Michael R about our instructor David D, 

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently had David D as my driving instructor and would like to recommend the high level of professionalism and reliability of his lessons. His consistency and methodical approach to driving is one which is hard to find amongst other instructors, and makes the whole learning process that bit more enjoyable.

Michael R"

Well as you are probably all aware the Olympics are fast approaching so the roads and driving is going to be a nightmare, hopefully this wont affect Walkers and our instructors too much, however, if any of our driving instructors are a little late please bare with us they are more than likely stuck in the traffic!!
Karen has been lucky enough to get a couple of Rehearsal tickets so I will update you of the events she saw next week.

Susan has had enough of this diabolical weather and has flown the nest to Greece - enjoy!

If you are a pupil of either Peter or Lee who have recently departed us please call the office and we will be
able to re-arrange another wonderful driving instructor for you.

Anyway I am off to see Madonna tomorrow, fingers crossed there's no rain!

Safe driving...Walkers!

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