Wednesday, 17 October 2012

October 2012

Welcome to Autumn people, it looks as though we are having a delayed Summer which would be very nice in deed.

Angie's been bin nicking, she took the barber's bin instead of the Walkers one the other day and he had to come and ask for it back!!!

Karen and I thought Albatross' were extinct!

Susan gave us a history lesson....did you know the last women ever to have been hung was...Ruth Ellis in 1955 for shooting her lover.   Well, if you didn't, now you do!

I've been eating toasted sarnies from a very cool little bag that you pop in the toaster (courtesy of Angie from Lakeland - thank you!).

Richard - thank you for the A-Mazing chocolates, all boxes have been devoured, long ago.

Welcome to our new driving instructors' Michael Hannon, Gary Plows and Dave Smith who have recently joined/will be joining the Walkers group. 
Also we'd like to say thank you and goodbye to Matt Paton our automatic instructor who is heading off to do different things!

Promotions = we were in Croydon Centrale the other week, and Dartford, Lewisham and Bromley.  We will also be in Brixton and Sutton coming up.

There are a couple of extra promotions that we are running so to keep you all in the loop they are as follows;
Web Offer - this is available to new students only that quote it from our advertised web page.  It allows the students to purchase a block of 10 daytime lessons at a cost of £185 with a free DVD and highway code book (the £5 basically cover the postage and package).

O2 Priority Moments - a block of five daytime lessons are available with free DVD and highway code at £85 (again the £5 basically covers the postage and package).

Mini Intensive - This is three double lessons offered over consecutive days.

Kim the builder is already getting ready for Halloween and has kitted out Adam's office in preparation........ who is who do you think???  Answers on a postcode!

Anyway that's all folks!  Happy Halloween!!!

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