Friday, 2 November 2012

1st November 2012....OMG!


Pinch an a punch to the first of the month no returns back (for yesterday)!  Seriously, 2nd of November 2012, where has the year gone?????  It is very true that the older you get the quicker times flies.

Firstly we would like to welcome our new driving instructors Dave Smith and Gary Plows to Walkers School of Motoring who are offering manual and automatic driving lessons, respectively.  And farewell and good luck to Chris Wills who has left for pastures new!

Last week was busy with promotions; Sally and Jamie were in Dartford on Sunday, Max was leafleting by Finchley tube station on Tuesday then Sally was back in Dartford on Thursday to test the market talking and advising on driving lessons (decide which one is best for future promotions).  Max and Sally are in Lewisham today and Sally and Jamie in Bromley tomorrow.

We have signed up to the O2 Priority Moments which allows O2 customers to see special discounts that Walkers offer.  Currently we are offering their customers the first five, manual, daytime lessons for £85 but this includes a free DVD and highway code book.

The Web Offer, this is still on-going and available to all new pupils that quote 'web offer' and provides the first 10 daytime driving lessons on either manual or automatic for £185 which includes a free DVD and highway code book.
P.S These offers are only valid to new customers to Walkers.

The weekend saw the official end to the British Summertime with the clocks going back an hour on Sunday morning, lovely.  I personally think we make this a regular thing and have the clocks go back an hour every month.

Because of the cold Winter weather we have decided we need to fatten up, here in the office, and for that reason we now no longer feel bad about eating the if you have any unwanted 'goodies' please feel free to drop them in to us; Walkers School of Motoring, Bromley!

Adam has been particularly busy this week doing a bit o' DIY, well more like trying to do some DIY.  Here is a picture of the pigeon holes Adam put up please note the line underneath (very faint) which is not STRAIGHT but was how the boxes were previously attached to the wall, and the numerous holes that were drilled into the wall!  Have you even heard of a level???  Obviously you have heard of a drill and that's the tool you most enjoyed!
Anyway further to this incident Adam decided to work on a project that he has long been desiring to do.......the 'key board'!

This is a board that holds various spare keys for us and was looking a little unkempt/unloved and generally a little bit messy, so Adam decided he would tidy things up a little.  A little TLC, although in a couple of these pictures I wouldn't quite describe it like that, anyway you decide!

But......ta dah!  Finito!  And very nice too!  Although there is a confession in there, in that our regular builders by trade (so, professionals) Kim and Jim helped, and by that I mean talked Adam through the stages for creating, said board, and hanging correctly.

Kim and Jim are offering general maintenance lessons at a cost; please ring the office number for more information and a quotation.  They are also looking at taking on an apprentice; please fwd your CV to the office email address for consideration for this role.

Last but by no means least, congratulations to the following pupils for passing their driving tests;
  • Oliver Bass and Geoff
  • Olalekan Afere, Matthew Taiwo, Amita Sharma with Maria
  • Wayne Allen, Shelly Gibson with Martin
  • Stephan Danes with Neil
  • Alex Gusev and Nikhil
  • Jensy Anton, Helio Matos, Cherish Etete and Hannah Goodman with Paul
  • Paris Banks with Yvonne
One last word; be safe driving in the dark winter months.......always check you have your lights on before driving off anywhere!

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