Monday, 14 May 2012

Tuesday 14th May 2012!

So Happy returns from the weekend, oh and what a lovely weekend it was what with the sun out shinning nearly the whole time!!!
And as per usual with the English weather it hasn't lasted more that a couple of days and it's such a same as the Queen, yes you read right, the Queen is visiting Bromley tomorrow Tuesday 15th May 2012.

Well if she had of been passing the office todya she would have been extremely jealous as look at the doughnuts we have been given today - AMAZING!!!!  Thanks Steve!

Well, to be honest not much has happened today, apart from us stufing our faces (actually I should say that Millie hasn't as she can't eat these goodies as she's wheat intolerant, oh shame - more for us then!).

I have been beavering away booking promotions and ensuring that all paperwork is up to date.

Speak soon!

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